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Yemeni Oud Bakhoor Set, 4 jars | عود بخور يمني

160 grams of yemeni style bakhoor, 4 scents

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Scent profile: Bakhoor Sheeba is uplifting and combines sweet fruity top notes with earthy, woody, nutty notes. The floral notes of rose, jasmine and musk in Nashwan Bakhoor evoke calmness and spirituality. Adeni Bakhoor is a warm, mystical scent that blends rose, ylang-ylang and white musk. With spicy and warm notes of clove, Bakhoor Al Ghawi is deep and sophisticated.

What's included? 4 jars- Bakhoor Sheeba, Nashwan Bakhoor, Adeni Bakhoor, Bakhoor Al Ghawi. Each jar contains 40 grams of arabic bakhoor incense.

Cultivate calm in any space Ideal for prayer time, while reading the Quran, meditating, or simply relaxing. It also eliminates cooking smells, bathroom odors, and cigarette smoke. Perfect for special occasions and gatherings!

What makes Dukhni bakhoor special? It's crafted with sustainably sourced natural ingredients, carefully selected to create captivating fragrances. Each scent is a blend of aromatic extracts, flowers, essential oils, spices, resins, and woods. Dukhni aims to provide an authentic and a luxurious aromatic experience.


Sold by Aromatan Brands Private Limited

Manufactured by
Aromatan Private Limited
A1 433 Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate,
Sitaram Jadhav Marg,
Lower Parel (W), Mumbai – 400013
T: +91 93265 92383

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Yemeni Oud Bakhoor Set, 4 jars | عود بخور يمني

Rs. 1,436.00 Regular price Rs. 1,596.00
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How many pieces are there in the jar? 

We only sell Yemeni Bakhoor by weight, we do not sell it by number of pieces. It is a 40 gram jar.

Can I light the bakhoor directly?

No, please do not light the piece of bakhoor directly. The bakhoor cannot be lit on fire but it rather needs a medium to burn. Please use the Dukhni burner or charcoal or an electric burner to burn the bakhoor. 

How will I know the piece of bakhoor is over?

The piece of bakhoor does not melt or disintegrate. At the end of 3,5 hours, all the oil in the piece will have diffused. After 3.5 hours of continuous burning of a piece bakhoor on the Dukhni burner, the piece needs to be discarded inspite of the residual scent in the bakhoor that you will notice.  

 How long does the bakhoor last for?

Dukhni Oud Bakhoor lasts for approximately 3-3.5 hours when burned on the signature Dukhni burner. The tealight candle also burns for the same time duration. 

What makes this the best choice?

Versatile Traditional Bakhoor

Enhance religious ceremonies, meditation practices, home ambiance, office spaces, or relaxation moments with authentic Dukhni bakhoor.

Crafted with Conscience

Ethically sourced ingredients are used to create a luxurious fragrance encouraging responsible consumption

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