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What is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for incense. Often, Bakhoor is made with Oud (wood and oil from the Agarwood tree) and combined with many other ingredients. Traditionally bakhoor was made at home and the recipe was passed down generations, in much the same way as its done for the familys’ favourite food dishes.

Bakhoor can be made and used in many different forms. It can be shaped into bricks, made into a powder or made in a slab and then broken into pieces. Muattar, is wood chips that are soaked in perfume oil, and then burnt. This exotic aroma then spreads in the environment, making your space fragrant.

In Ibn-Majah, it is reported that "Prophet ﷺ advised that masjids be perfumed with bakhoor and scented, especially on the day of Jumu'ah."

In the light of the suggestion of Prophet ﷺ, we could allude that bakhoor gives a pleasant aroma to the mosque and enhances the persons focus during prayer. Apart from this, bakhoor acts as a mood stimulator and gives good vibes and spreads positivity.

Islam is a religion that promotes a peaceful heart and a soothing environment. To achieve this Allah commands that we keep ourselves clean physically and choose a lifestyle that compliments our spiritual state. To reinstate this Prophet ﷺ showed us the way of cleanliness and highlighted the importance of using fragrances, Attars, Oud and Bakhoor. It is also recorded by Imam Bukhari(R.A.), that during the time of Prophet ﷺ his masjid used to be scented by burning Bakhoor regularly.

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