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What Is Attar And Is It Same As Perfume?

The essence of any aromatic flora and fauna is attar. The word attar is an Arabic term translating to scent or fragrance. A perfume oil, attar is made by a process of hydro-distillation on an oil base, thus making them pure and alcohol-free. Attars are stored in small, air-tight bottles to secure every whiff of the highly concentrated fragrance.

A small bottle of pure attar oil goes a long way! It has always been considered an item of luxury and in the olden days, a symbol of royalty. Today, attars are rather a staple among perfume cognoscenti. Likewise, in religion, attars are considered as a prayer time fragrance. From ancient times, it is believed that fragrances have transcendental abilities to experience the spiritual realms of positivity. It is noted in the Hadith that attars of musk and ambergris are favourites of the Prophet.

While attars are literally the concentrated form of an aromatic ingredient, perfumes are concoctions of different attars or aromatic compounds with solvents and fixatives. Perfumes also contain alcohol or water at varying levels that evaporates at room temperature. Attars, on the other hand, are oil-based, longer-lasting than perfumes, and a natural fragrance, thus making them a higher-priced commodity.

Attar oils being natural/ pure can be applied directly to the skin. It is recommended to apply to the pulse points on your body as these emit heat which further develops the fragrance. You may apply attar to the wrist, gently rub a few drops on one hand and then lightly onto the other with the former; below your ears; and sometimes, even to the collarbone area. Be cognizant of the fact that perfumes are diluted forms that can be simply sprayed as per your preferred heaviness, but attars are concentrated oils, so, even a few drops are good enough for a full day!

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