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How and Why to use Bakhoor to Scent Your Hair?

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for incense. Arabs have been using bakhoor since decades to scent their homes. Their love for fragrances, perfume oils, attars and Oud is not new. Arabic Bakhoor was traditionally burned on a piece of hot coal. When the fragrant piece of bakhoor (infused with attar oil, herbs, flowers, Oud and other woods) is placed on the hot coal it generates smoke that smells wonderful.

Very quickly Arab women discovered, that if they put their wet hair above the bakhoor burner (with extreme care because you definitely don’t want to burn your hair) their hair dries very quickly and smells really good until the next wash. The hair absorbs and retains the scent from the smoke. You would have probably noticed that if people are smoking cigarettes around you, your hair will smell of cigarettes, or if you spend time cooking a very fragrant dish, your hair smells of food. Bakhoor works in much the same way!

If you want to try scenting your hair with bakhoor, we recommend 2 different ways of doing it.

Method 1: Light up a piece of coal till it is red hot. Carefully place it on a burner and put a piece of bakhoor on the coal. The coal will instantly start smoking. Carefully lean over, tilt your head and allow your hair to absorb the fragrant smoke. Gently lifting your hair over the smoke will allow for better absorption. Ensure to keep a safe distance between your hair and the coal.

Method 2: Light up a t light candle and place it in a Dukhni exotic burner. Place a piece of Dukhni bakhoor on the burner. Within minutes the fragrance will begin to disperse. There will be little, or no smoke generated but as the fragrance is diffusing, carefully lean over, tilt your head and allow the fragrance to weave through your hair. Gently combing your fingers through your hair will help your hair retain more scent. Ensure to keep a safe distance between your hair and the candle.

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